Terms & Conditions

By checking the box below, you hereby agree to hold Urban Art Co-op and their officers, employees, and volunteers, free and harmless from any and all claims or law suits in nature of personal injury, property damage or losses sustained to personal property or otherwise by reason of your or your child’s (if applicable) use of the premises and facilities, including the following: potters wheels, hand building tools, glaze materials and tools, kilns etc. located at 3017 N Monroe, Spokane, WA. By signing this Hold Harmless Agreement you acknowledge that you have carefully read and understood this agreement. You further acknowledge that you have been duly cautioned concerning the risks involved in entering and using the facilities on said premises and you acknowledge that you and your child (if applicable) have been duly informed concerning all safety rules in effect on the premises and promises to abide by said safety rules (see attached safety rules)

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