Co-op Artists


The Artists

Autumn Bunton
Vice-President, Workshop Instructor and Resident Artist

Out of sheer boredom as a child I spent many days drawing the human form or playing with water colors to avoid having to read for entertainment on our family farm. Later I was introduced to oil painting under the supervision of my Great Grandma Delia. I continued to oil paint for about 20 years. When I had children I needed a new medium to pursue out of the home….ok, I just needed to get out of the house without kids! I signed up for a pottery class. I loved working with clay instantly. I quickly became obsessed with all the possibilities that the clay presented.
I love throwing pieces of functional ware then adorning them by carving or painting on free hand designs. Among my favorite things to create are folk art sculptures and face jugs. I love to watch each one come alive….does that sound creepy? I have found my life long passion in clay arts.

JoDee Moody
Marketing Director and Hand Building Instructor

Working in clay has been a love of mine since high school and college. I have been reconnected with clay for the last 15 years as a hand building teacher and studio artist. Sharing ideas and learning from others has inspired me. The use of various techniques with an emphasis of texture makes my functional ware unique. My love of jewelry, with the help of porcelain clay and Raku, has helped me produce many one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

John Newman
Wheel Throwing Instructor and Board Member

I have been doing pottery since high school. I love continually learning all aspects of working with the clay and after a few years I discovered that what I love most is teaching and the opportunity to learn from each of my students. They each bring a different perspective and approach to working with the clay. It is so incredible to watch someone discover their talent and learn what they can create on the wheel. I have now been teaching for over 25 years and still look forward to each class and student. One of my favorite parts of teaching is the art of Raku firing. The group effort, live fire, vibrant colors of the glazes and the instant gratification of seeing your piece completed all combine to make this one of the most enjoyable aspects of the art of pottery. Being a Dad and Grandpa, I am really looking forward to once again teaching children’s classes and watching the kids work with the clay as well as the birthday parties we will be offering.

Karen Mannino
Secretary, Resident Artist and Wheel Throwing Instructor

I’ve been exploring the endless, fascinating world of clay since 2008. Before that, I did a lot of colored pencil portraits, and played at illustrating my favorite books. When UAC opens it’s doors to painters, I will be the first in line to sign up for a spot. I have a BA in Studio Art and a minor in creative writing. Not surprisingly, my art is often connected to story telling in some way. I have been making and selling mugs inspired by The Lord of the Rings for the last few years. I like the challenge of making pieces that look like they could have come from one of the cultures Tolkien created, which are so vastly different from one another. This project keeps me pushing for new techniques and skills, albeit at my very slow pace. I think I am still in a student sponge mode; absorbing ideas and advice from all the talented potters I have the honor of working beside.

Keith Harger
Wheel Throwing Instructor

Hi! I’m Keith Harger and my interest in pottery started as an undergraduate at the University of Utah. After moving to Spokane in 2002 I was able to get back into pottery where I have been teaching a wheel throwing class since 2004. My style of pottery maybe classified as what I would call “organic altered wheel throwing”, I also enjoy handbuilding or a combination of the two but once again it is an altered form, all this means that no two pieces I make are going to be exactly alike.

I am looking forward to helping setup and teach at the Urban Art Coop because I believe that Spokane needs more recreational art studios’ where the general public can come and learn a new art form and where studio artist can also work so that the novice and the professional can sit next to each other and create something new together.

“Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live.”
Mark Twain

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” Edward Abbey

Nick Lowe
President and Beginning Wheel Throwing Instructor

High tech Low tech. As a computer programmer I deal highly in the virtual world of data models and programming languages. I spend my working day pounding a keyboard, so I use pottery as a way to bring myself out of the abstract and into the physical world. I have always enjoyed creating with my hands and being part of Urban Art Co-op not only gives me that opportunity, but more importantly allows me to give back to the community and to help my friends.

Sue Newman

My 35 years of experience with pottery is through my husband John, a very talented and creative artist and teacher. He tried to teach me to throw on the wheel and that did not go well……I soon discovered I had no talent for wheel throwing. I decided to just become a very supportive spouse, which became a challenge at times when my kitchen tools began to disappear into the pottery studio. He would look at lace tablecloths for their potential as clay texture as well as any of my clothing items that might have interesting embroidery or lace. The bonus of course is that I have beautiful art and functional pottery in my home…….so maybe a fair trade? When he and a few of his associate potters decided to start their own Co-Op I volunteered to help out and offered my services as Treasurer. It has been a great experience getting to know Nick, Autumn, JoDee and Karen (even though at times it is like herding cats!). They are fun, talented and wonderful people and artists. I look forward to many years with Urban Art Co-Op and meeting lots of other new and talented artists.

Elizabeth Schoedel

Hand Building Instructor

Art and craft has always been an important part of my life. I love creating things! I have dabbled in lots of different mediums- photography, glass, basketry, fiber arts and pottery! The next best thing to creating, is teaching and helping others learn and create art, especially kids. I am excited to be a part of the Urban Art Coop community and look forward to many years of creating Spokane.