Karen Mannino

Secretary, Resident Artist and Wheel Throwing Instructor

I’ve been exploring the endless, fascinating world of clay since 2008. Before that, I did a lot of colored pencil portraits, and played at illustrating my favorite books. When UAC opens it’s doors to painters, I will be the first in line to sign up for a spot.

I have a BA in Studio Art and a minor in creative writing. Not surprisingly, my art is often connected to story telling in some way. I have been making and selling mugs inspired by The Lord of the Rings for the last few years. I like the challenge of making pieces that look like they could have come from one of the cultures Tolkien created, which are so vastly different from one another. This project keeps me pushing for new techniques and skills, albeit at my very slow pace. I think I am still in a student sponge mode; absorbing ideas and advice from all the talented potters I have the honor of working beside.

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