Autumn Bunton

President, Workshop Instructor and Resident Artist

Out of sheer boredom as a child I spent many days drawing the human form or playing with water colors to avoid having to read for entertainment on our family farm. Later I was introduced to oil painting under the supervision of my Great Grandma Delia. I continued to oil paint for about 20 years. When I had children I needed a new medium to pursue out of the home….ok, I just needed to get out of the house without kids! I signed up for a pottery class. I loved working with clay instantly. I quickly became obsessed with all the possibilities that the clay presented.
I love throwing pieces of functional ware then adorning them by carving or painting on free hand designs. Among my favorite things to create are folk art sculptures and face jugs. I love to watch each one come alive….does that sound creepy? I have found my life long passion in clay arts.